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Keeping Your Business Running in a Disaster
By Michael Feldbauer
Published on 14/04/2018

With the recent events of cyclone Marcus hitting Darwin and causing some major damage, many business owners may have been caught off guard.

The amount of destruction to key infrastructure such as power supply, water and road access caused significant outages in a number of areas where access to even assess damage was an issue.

Restoration of power in certain areas took days and even then was not fully functional with ongoing outages as further repairs were undertaken.

During the cyclone we assisted a number of business clients that had plans in place fill up generators that had been running, ensuring systems were still online as sites with multiple offices outside of Darwin still needed to be operational and finally then work with business to assess damage and provide recovery strategies.

Many people were prepared, not just two days before but had a plan in place, systems ready to go and equipment on standby.

Some of these clients came unstuck with simple things such as below;

-         Keys to refuel generators

-         Blocked building access due to fallen trees

-         Building access due to failed security system batteries

No matter how much planning you undertake there are a couple of small things that are bound to trip you up. We at Territory Technology Solutions have modified our Disaster Recovery Plans due to a number of small issues we ran into.

Like the equipment needed to keep the business going Disaster Recovery Plans should be constantly tested and they should evolve with the business, risks need to be assessed that may impact the ability for the plan to be enacted.

For us during the cyclone the availability of fuel was a key issue to keep our generators going as the service stations in the immediate proximity of the building were all out of action with no power.

We have now made changes to our plan and spent $300 to have available 200 Litres of fuel in house, which will provide another 48 hours of operation.

There are many things to consider, plan for and continually test. Territory Technology Solutions has been providing such services for our clients for the last 19 years and have established a huge knowledge bank of data that may assist you and your business.

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