I have been telling people this for years and now I feel somewhat vindicated but apparently, no one cares...

Even with the Cambridge Analytica fallout and subsequent #DeleteFacebook campaigns, people still don’t seem to be concerned that what they post online will remain for life.

Although I have seen a few people want to delete their history being concerned about the recent scandal the majority of users haven’t altered their settings and advertisers appear to be staying put.

The recent focus has been on Facebook due to the Cambridge Analytica issues however the bigger issue I see is Google who basically scrapes, searches and indexes everything on the internet.

They are like the sleeping giant sitting back watching everything, never missing out on anything that is published, just waiting for the right time to pounce as they will have recorded every site you have been to, everything you have ever searched for and every place you have been.

Now with over 55% of the worlds smartphones running Andriod over IOS, the release of Google Home devices, integration with other smart appliances who is really collecting more data, google of Facebook.

At least with Facebook you have a choice as to what you post, Google collects everything you do as I cannot think of anyone I know that does not use Google Searchr

Something to think about maybe ??

Never forget that anything you post, comment on, respond to or like will be stored for life as part of your digital footprint.

Now to remove the tin foil hat and back to work..