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This site has been setup to help anyone in business find the right answers for their IT & Communications. It is not about hardcore IT articles, this CPU, that Hard Drive it is about finding the solution for your business and maybe even help with the design and implementation. 

We aim to provide useful articles, advice and information to assist in working out where your business needs to be with Information Technology & Communications in the workplace.

Topics that we hope to cover in the coming months will be, General IT, Cloud, Mobile Devices, Telephony, Communications, Software, Business Process and many more topics that you need to assist in developing your business.

I look forward to you coming along with us on this journey...

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Virus Infection

Cybercriminals are finding new tactics and ways to infiltrate systems on a daily basis. When security professionals figure out one way to prevent a breach, the criminals have already found multiple new ways to circumvent the protocols in place. Staying on top of the latest threats and tactics is essential for any MSP that wants to make sure their clients are protected. With those realities ...
Australians are paying thousands of dollars to overseas hackers to rid their computers of an unbreakable virus known as Cryptolocker.There has been a rise in the number of people falling victim to the latest version of an encryption virus which hijacks computer files and demands a ransom to restore them.The "ransomware" infects computers through programs and credible-looking emails, taking ...
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