About IT Blog

This site has been setup to help anyone in business find the right answers for their IT & Communications. It is not about hardcore IT articles, this CPU, that Hard Drive it is about finding the solution for your business and maybe even help with the design and implementation. 

We aim to provide useful articles, advice and information to assist in working out where your business needs to be with Information Technology & Communications in the workplace.

Topics that we hope to cover in the coming months will be, General IT, Cloud, Mobile Devices, Telephony, Communications, Software, Business Process and many more topics that you need to assist in developing your business.

I look forward to you coming along with us on this journey...

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Operating Systems

Patching & Updates

Service packs, hotfixes and security patches are updates to products to resolve a known issue or workaround.Moreover, service packs update systems to the most current code base. Being on the current code base is important because that's where Microsoft focuses on fixing problems. For example, any work done on Windows 10 is targeted at the next service pack and hotfixes are built against the ...


Offsite Backup

Small to Large Companies face a number of important challenges when it comes to the protection of their servers, workstations and critical business data. Do you only need to backup your files ? What about then rebuild times for the servers and key PC's ?How can I recover my E-mails ? These are some of the questions we get on a daily basis and not always is there a single product to cater for all ...

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